Community Cat Avocat Volunteer Teams for TNVR

Holding/Recovery Team

  • Description: Members of this team will help by providing space in their homes to hold trapped cats before and after their surgeries.
  • Skills needed: None! You'll just need to have a quiet, safe, climate-controlled area or room in your house where cats in traps can be for two nights-one night before their spay/neuter surged, and one night while they recover after their surgeries.
  • More info: Cats in traps are usually very quiet because the traps remain covered the entire time. The cats also never leave the traps- they just need a room for the trap to be while they wait for surgery and recover. There are very simple measures to take to ensure the room remains clean, such as using a tarp underneath the traps and cleaning thoroughly after the cats are returned to their outside home.

Transport Team

  • Description: Members of this team will help transport trapped cat to and from clinics when caregivers are unable to drive or for large-scale trappings. Members of this team may also be needed to  shop transport traps to the trapping location, and trapped cats to the holding location.
  • Skills needed: None! You just need to have reliable transportation that is suitable to safely transport trapped cat, and the availability to both drop off and pick up cats on a clinic day. Suitable transportation means a severe, climate-controlled space in your vehicle (no beds of pickup trucks, no closed trucks. Station wagons, SUVs , or cars, with a back seat that folds down to allow access to the trunk work well.

Trapping Team

  • Description: Members of this team will help in the humane trapping process, which includes bringing traps to the location of the cats, setting and monitoring traps, and monitoring trapped cats before they are transported to the holding area. It may also include transporting cats to the holding area.
  • Skills needed{ The ability to lift a trap with a cat in it, which may with up to 30 pounds. If you have some experience with trapping cat, that's great, If not, we are happy to train you and answer any questions.