Trap-Neuter-Return Resource Library
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Comprehensive TNR Websites
Alley Cat Allies
Neighborhood Cats

Webinar Series
Alley Cat Allies TNR-related Webinars
ASPCA Professional TNR Series

Downloadable, Comprehensive TNR Handbooks
Neighborhood Cats –TNR Caretaker Handbook (download under "Books and Guides")
PetSmart Charities – Community TNR and Tactics and Tools
ASPCA/Alley Cat Allies/Mayors Alliance – Guide to Trap-Neuter-Return and Colony Care
HSUS – Managing Community Cats: A Guide for Community Leaders

General Information about Feral and Community Cats
Alley Cat Allies Workshop Video – Helping Community Cats
Alley Cat Allies Fact Sheet – Feral and Stray—An Important Difference
Alley Cat Allies Video – What is a Feral Cat?
Alley Cat Allies – Frequently Asked Questions

Trap-Neuter-Return Basics
Alley Cat Allies Video – What is Trap-Neuter-Return?
Alley Cat Allies – Conduct Trap-Neuter-Return Guide
Alley Cat Allies Booklet – Step-by-Step Guide to Trap-Neuter-Return
Alley Cat Allies – Eartipping

Humane Trapping
Alley Cat Allies – Before You Trap
Alley Cat Allies – Trapping Basics
Neighborhood Cats – Trapping Tips beyond the Basics
Alley Cat Allies Video – How to Trap an Entire Colony
Neighborhood Cats – How to Perform Mass Trapping (includes video)
Alley Cat Allies – Trapping Mom and Kittens
Alley Cat Allies – Kitten and Mom Scenarios and How to Trap
Alley Cat Allies – Tips for Trapping Shy Cats
Neighborhood Cats – Hard to Catch Cats
FixNation Video – Water Bottle Trick for Hard to Catch Cats

Trapping Equipment
Neighborhood Cats – Recommended Traps and Equipment
Neighborhood Cats – How to Use a Drop Trap
Alley Cat Allies – Traps and Humane Animal Equipment

Pre- and Post-Surgery Care
Alley Cat Allies – TNVR and Post-Surgery Care
Neighborhood Cats – Using a Trap as a Cage for Holding Cats (includes video)

Feral Cat Setup for Long-Term Foster Care
Neighborhood Cats – How to Safely Foster a Feral Cat

Cat Colony Management
Alley Cat Allies Guide – Colony Care Guide
Best Friends Animal Welfare Society Video – Community Cat Caretaker Tips
Alley Cat Allies – Testing for FIV/FeLV Positive Cats
Alley Cat Allies – Safe Relocation of Feral Cats
Neighborhood Cats – How to Relocate Safely

Food and Shelter for Colony Cats
Alley Cat Allies – Providing Food and Water
Neighborhood Cats – What, Where and How to Feed Your Ferals
Alley Cat Allies Fact Sheet – Build a Cat Feeding Station
Alley Cat Allies – How to Build an Inexpensive Outside Shelter
Alley Cat Allies – Feral Cat Shelter Gallery
Alley Cat Allies Fact Sheet – Build an Inexpensive Cat Shelter (Insulated wood shelter)
Neighborhood Cats – Feral Cat Winter Shelter Options

TNR Seasonal Tips
Alley Cat Allies – Winter Weather Tips
Neighborhood Cats – Stop Freezing Water
Alley Cat Allies – Summer Weather Tips

Colony Record Keeping
Alley Cat Allies – Colony Tracking System Form (pdf)
Alley Cat Allies – Colony Tracking System Form (Excel)
Feral Cat FOCUS – Colony Medical Record Log
Fix Nation – What Color is that Cat?

Socializing Feral Kittens
Alley Cat Allies – First Steps When you Find Kittens Outdoors
Alley Cat Allies – How to Care for Neonatal Kittens
Alley Cat Allies – Socializing Feral Kittens
Alley Cat Allies – Kitten Progression: Week-by-Week
Best Friends Animal Society – Socializing Very Shy or Fearful Cats
Urban Cat League – Tough Love Video Part 1: How to Socialize Feral Kittens
Urban Cat League – Tough Love Video Part 2: How to Socialize Feral Kittens
Urban Cat League – Tough Love Video Part 3: How to Socialize Feral Kittens

TNR and Public Health
Alley Cat Allies – Feral Cats and the Public—A Healthy Relationship
Alley Cat Allies – Rabies: A Public Health Victory

Community Relations Resources for Colony Caregivers
Alley Cat Allies – Community Relations Information
Alley Cat Allies – Educate Your Neighnors and Community Members
Alley Cat Allies – Preventative Measures
Alley Cat Allies – Troubleshooting with Community Members
Neighborhood Cats – Keeping Cats Out of Gardens and Yards

Local Codes/Animal Laws
Winchester City – Chapter 5: Animals and Fowl
Frederick County – Chapter 48: Animals and Fowl
Clarke County – See page 86 Chapter 61: Animals