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Community Cat Advocats Receives a $3,000 SpayVA Grant from the Virginia Federation of Humane Societies!

Community Cat Advocats is thrilled to receive a $3,000 SpayVA grant at the 2019 Virginia Federation of Humane Societies Conference in Virginia Beach, VA!

The funds will be spent to TNVR 60 cats in targeted areas in Frederick County VA with the goal of decreasing the requests for intake of unsocialized cats into the Frederick County Shelter. We will also use the funds to spay/neuter community cats that have been admitted to the shelter for release into a working cats program.

Thank you, VFHS and Spay VA for this generous grant to help us improve the lives of community cats in Frederick County!

Community Cat Advocats hosts the National Kitten Coalition’s “Caring for Kittens” workshop

NKC Workshop

Community Cat Advocats was delighted to be able to offer this three-hour workshop, presented by the National Kitten Coalition.

Kitten fosters, community cat caregivers, shelter workers and others who care about kittens attended this workshop and received an amazing wealth of information about caring for very young kittens and helping increase their survival rates. Presenters Rosemarie Crawford and Kierianne Hansen talked about daily care and feeding bottle kittens, the weaning process and challenges, performing a basic kitten exam, early recognition of illness, quarantine periods when one takes in a kitten, the importance of daily weight checks and disease prevention and sanitation.

A Maddie’s Fund grant enabled the National Kitten Coalition to offer this workshop free of charge.